Nicole --> Bild 11 --> Version 2 vom 13.10.2007
So liebe Leute,

Bild 11 komplett überarbeitet. Gefällt mir jetz wesentlich besser. Ich hoffe Nicole sieht das auch so....

Ok, wer sich ein Bild machen will:

v 1.0

alte Version

v 2.0

neue Version

Happy Weekend.....Micheal

ChasHype am 05.05.2017
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Eric am 26.11.2015
Ashley - GORGEOUS!!!! Oh my gosh, that last one love love love the light! What a beautiful coplue! That pop of red with the shoes and the short wedding dress, what not to love about this wedding?!July 27, 2012 10:15 pm
Rakesh am 25.11.2014
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Anuj am 22.11.2014
Hello! I love your classes and your site. Saw your call for tecarehs via twitter and thought I would inquire about more details. I know that you already have a strong teaching base for illustrator, etc. My strengths are CSS and Photoshop/web design type of stuff. Just wondering if that is something you would be interested in offering? I would also be interested to know how many videos you'd like, etc. type of info.Much thanks!~Angie
Nicolly am 20.11.2014
Thank you for catching this monmet! Although Jude was being almost overly affectionate- if that's even possible!- your shot shows all the love we have doe each other. Love it!
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