New Pix von Fynnieeee...... vom 03.12.2007
Leute, viel zu tun, deshalb nur kurz paar neue Pix von Fynni.

Viel Spaß

PS: neue Bilder von den letzten Shooting kommen die Tage..


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Prerana am 02.06.2013
Sheelagh Brothers - LOVE the photos with dad OMG they are gougroes! And speaking as a grown-up Christmas Eve baby, it's never a normal birthday, but always special in a wonderful, crazy, chaotic way. My parents insisted that my relatives never combine my bday & Christmas presents, and there was always a party on the last day of school or the weekend immediately after for my friends, and then a family tea on my REAL birthday with no Christmas cards in sight! It can be done
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